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So what have you been up to?

Socializing in big spurts* and small trickles**; navigating the waters of my job and its immigration implications; adulting with the pace of a turtle that has asthma and is missing a leg.

* This weekend, I did a Walking Tour of San Francisco with [personal profile] thelastgoodname AND ate Bi-Rite ice-cream in Dolores Park with a new friend AND happened upon a brunch with old tech friends I met on and off since the early 2000s AND organized a limousine ride to wine country that included lavish lunch in Sonoma's El Dorado courtyard and quick photo sessions in a vineyard before limo'ing it back to San Francisco, namely one of my peers' places on the highest hills on Larkin, overlooking the Bay to the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz.

** Hanging at home and painting my toenails. Also taking baths and doing laundry. Baking (and cooking pudding). Staring woefully at the ceiling and wondering where I went so wrong that I have no friends who love me enough to just drop by (and eat my pudding).

Major life changes? Same old same old?

Minor life changes, I'd say: I've developed key routines and relationships and am on slightly more solid ground now (metaphorically only, as my house will go down with The Big One should it hit San Francisco).

I am planning some great little trips (Mexico City for pleasure, Las Vegas for work) and a holiday time with my beloved sister, too.

What fandom are you in/do you spend most of your time in?

To me, "in fandom" means "significant interaction with other fans", so I guess the answer is that I'm drifting somewhere on the outer edges of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I read some MCU fanfiction. I write Steve, Natasha, Sam, Claire, Matt, Jemma, Skye -- characters I love -- when I can. I blog or tweet or tumble about fannish elements but don't usually see much engagement.

As for the MCU, it's probably not for me: Its het is either badly written and cliché or so rare my index finger is bleeding from all the scrolling. I dislike and avoid the juggernaut slash pairings like people are avoiding Yosemite squirrels at the moment. Femslash is even less common and would really, as an old ljfriend of mine once said, "require more than two horny ladies and a dildo".

The show I am most excited about returning is The 100, but I haven't connected to folks about it that much online -- more so in real life, actually. ([personal profile] cofax7, ping me! :)

I would love to be in and have a Syfy space show fandom, to be honest -- [personal profile] trascendenza and I have been tossing around the idea of a mini-ficathon for both Killjoys and Dark Matter, maybe more fandoms.

Where do you hang out online?

Here on DW; I mirror on LJ. I have a Twitter account and a tumblr -- all the same handle, this same one. Also on Instagram, but that's obviously all Real Life.

What are you reading?

Just finished Maggie Stiefvater's The Raven Cycle, and I actually have Thoughts about the oeuvre (it's just that few will like them very much). I downloaded Martha Wells' add-on Tales of the Raksura, and I can't wait to see Moon and Chime and Jade again -- who doesn't love sulky-sweet poly dragonesque shapeshifters?

If you're thinking I'm way into escapism, YOU WOULD BE RIGHT. There's too much reality around me, as I see it.

What are you watching?

All the summer sci-fi shows on Syfy! Killjoys just finished, and kicked ass; I recommend it whole-heartedly. Otherwise...well, I gave up on Teen Wolf, so there is no genre television currently in my queue. I have Orange Is The New Black Lined Up in my Netflix queue but would want some time for that.

What are you making?

Actually made Killjoys icons the other day! Otherwise, mostly baked goods. Or puddings -- did I mention the puddings yet?

I have a few fic ideas percolating in my head -- Dark Matter really needs Two/Android femslash in the worst way; Killjoys could do with some quality Johnny/Fancy (because Fancy is hot, and Johnny has a love/hate thing for him); there's still that Sam/Natasha porn I genuinely only have to put down on paper, finishing the tryptych of permutations of my Winter Soldier favorites, and I feel I should write the second part of my Matt/Claire, because God knows no one else will give me the hottest pairing on television, and certainly not with tropes like Undercover In A Bar.

What are you squeeing about today?

My prescription opioids make me euphoric, so EVERYTHING! :D No worries, gentle readers, though; the downsides of opioids are so, well, down- and side-y that I would never take them beyond the 24 hours required to kill my regularly scheduled excruciating pain.

If you could rope old fandom friends into a new fandom, it would be...


MCU: I would want more good writers like youuu to be into the pairings that I am into: MATT/CLAIRE (hot like burning), Sam/Steve, Steve/Natasha, Bobbi/every girl on SHIELD. :)

Killjoys, you guys. Watch Killjoys and write me some Johnny/Dutch, or Johnny/Fancy? (I will also take Two/Android on Dark Matter. Robot femslash, there's not enough of it. Actually, I will take Two/ANYBODY but Three. Mmh. Yeah.)

I should really watch/read/dive into _______ and then come talk to you about it!

Seems I already did this in the above. *g*

Tell you what; what do you want me to talk more about?

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What am I even doing with my life?
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If the answer to that question is, making chocolate pudding from scratch at 10pm, then you must be me!

It is a chocolate pudding from scratch. :)

Turns out there's only so much ice-cream even I can eat; yesterday, at the potluck in the City that a friend of mine hosted (yes, it's on my Instagram, for those playing the home game) I ate about three bowls. So today, I made chocolate pudding from scratch, namely following (and halving!) Oma's Chocolate Pudding recipe off -- close enough to what my own one might have made ("Oma" means "granny" in German).

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Seen at [personal profile] tielan:
I currently have 90 works archived at the AO3. Pick a number from 1 (the most recent) to 90 (the first thing I posted there), and I'll tell you three things I currently like about it.

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Killjoys on Syfy: I give in. (Possibly it's the spaceship. I love spaceships.)
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Okay, we need to talk Killjoys.

I've added some rambling comments on Dutch's view re: sex and violence as the focal point and on world-building, plot, and relationships on tumblr. Both of these riff off [personal profile] grimorie's posts, who is always worth reading.

Because I couldn't find any good icons, I had to make some -- Dutch & Johnny:

Total Icon Count: 3


The above posts sell the show much better than I could, but here's what made me sit up and take note and say, Yeah, this is a show for me: This show does build-up exceedingly well and takes her female protagonist's point of view seriously. spoilers up Killjoys 1x08 "Come The Rain"Collapse )

I have more thoughts on the meta level of both this show and Dark Matter versus earlier summer sci-fi, but -- stay tuned.

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México es la capital de México
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I probably already told you that this subject line is the sentence my BFF in my German high school wrote down as the sole line of her 2-hour Spanish exam. She got herself a big fat F, her only one ever, and to this day cheerfully tells the tale.

Me, I did not purposefully fail out of Spanish. I wasn't particularly good at it (though my grades were :) because I took the courses too late and never really practiced the language...but I always wanted to be better.

Ahora, ha llegado mi día: Going to Mexico City over Labor Day! One of my friends from Berkeley lives there with her boyfriend, a lawyer by day and musician by night. I will obviously be able to communicate just fine with either, especially her (she's my Danish friend, for those playing the home game -- she's as Germanic as they come), but I'm aiming a little wider than that.

Which is where you come in:
PS, If you don't have an account yet but want to learn a language and join Duolingo, let me send you an invite -- comments are screened so I welcome your email address there. There's perks. Yup.

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Sci-fi Roundup: The 100; Dark Matter; Killjoys
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1. The 100

The fandom community for The 100, [community profile] the100, has taken off thanks to its curator! There are the usual fanfic and creator links, but also weekly roundups, episode discussions, and meta posts; they're taken off DW, LJ, and tumblr.

Consider this your scheduled reminder that yeah, there's a ground(er)breaking sci-fi show on the air.

Because as I told Marina this morning -- I'm thinking of both Dark Matter and Killjoys as "those two sci-fi shows that, taken together, make one good show."

It's not that either of them is terrible; I actually enjoy them both and think many of you would too! But although you should also check them out it's worth noting that they lack the HOLY SHIT THE WRITERS ARE GOING THERE!11!! element; most moments that would matter fade or flash out so the viewer is left with a punchline rather than an exploration.

Then again, tons of actual space travel and leather. And adults. (Well.)

2. Dark Matter

I've discussed the show with [personal profile] trascendenza based on her review up to 1x06 here in her blog. DM has a fantastic concept that does ask one of the best questions out there: Who are we? And the idea of what, exactly, creates our identity keeps coming up. But I'm not holding my breath for a stringent development of plot and characters along those lines.

I am holding my breath for Melissa O'Neil's Two continuing to be both the key and the lock to the central mystery, for Roger Cross's Six to survive and continue building better relationships, for Alex Mallari Jr's Four to be given the screentime he deserves for character building...and dear God, for the fucking fridging of women to stop. M&M, don't make me regret watching this amnesiac band of space bandits. Also, I feel there should be android/human femslash on this show. Make it happen?

Ultimately, I think with Dark Matter, the devil is in the execution.

3. Killjoys

Killjoys is more fun-oriented, or so it made us think: bounty hunter teammates chasing around a dimly-lit corner of the galaxy called "The Quad."

As I think every reader of this blog has realized I am extremely into keen-eyed ex-assassins in leather with hidden knives in her boots, and the same is true for the sweet, stubborn boys who love and/or work with those ladies.

(Actually, come to think of it, that last sentence is true for *both* shows. Go figure. The main reason, bar none, I do recommend both Dark Matter and Killjoys is that they have leading women of color who are the fucking best at what they do, and when challenged come out on top. But I also counsel that they're in the Badass Female Character quadrant, beautifully groomed and long-haired and sexual, if mostly dommy <3 and not always flirtatious.)

The game concept for Killjoys makes me scratch my head a little, but in many ways its worldbuilding details are genuinely intriguing; I'm not against a MOTW space bounty hunter show, as long as they don't spend yet more time on D'avin. I don't care for D'avin. I care for Dutch and Johnny.

Final note: I wanted to say that I love the Found Families strain running through all of these shows, but I guess DM and KJ are a little more incestuous than I was used to. (Clarke and Finn on The 100 don't count, because Finn doesn't count. :)

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Drive-by Truths, part I
With tampons and laaarge pills, it's all in the positioning. (Don't stay at the shallow end!)

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Dark Matter
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I really need to go to sleep, but for the genre fans whose trauma from the SGA cancellation has been healing --

[personal profile] trascendenza reviews Dark Matter, and we jump right into the discussion of A+mazing female leads (of color), groundbreakiness levels, femslash vibes, and found-family fun.

Yep, I've watched all six episodes of M&M's new space show, and they've avoided the pitfalls so far. Join in!

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For all anxiety sufferers, and the people who love them
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Y'all, I saw this excellent resource post article on anxiety, I hope?


What makes it wonderful is that it prescribes no One Right Way: The author understands that our brains and lifestyles differ, but in there are interesting suggestions and some suggested courses.

With love,


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Actual, honest-to-God content.
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I used to consider just put the following into my blog bio: "If it's on Stuff White People Like, I (i) have either done it, (ii) want to do it, or (iii) am currently in the process of doing it."

Of course, now that's outdated. STILL TRUE, THOUGH. As I realized today in the neighborhood cycle store, talking about strapping a bike to the back of my Prius, my trips to wine country, and idly wondering about where to source my next fix of organic goat cheese.

This is brought to you by the last week's events, namely Sandra Bland's death in police custody. My idle musings on a random morning are probably not the musings of the Black men and now women around me; I spent the last two days just listening to my friend H., who was shaken...not in a sudden realization that could have been her (it could) but in a straw-that-broke-the-camel's back way. She said that she forces herself to believe we are just seeing the brutality that has always been there in the United States; that it is not more: just more visible.


Now I'm waiting for a new friend that I met while hiking in Castle Rock Park in the Santa Cruz mountains over Fourth of July weekend.

Hiking in Castle Rock -- aptly named!Collapse )

I don't know if I mentioned it here, but her sister just stared at me, at her, our rapid-fire conversation tossing around topics, and said, "Oh my God, it's like you are the same person!"

(She's running a little late due to traffic. Saturdays from San Jose to Oakland are rough.)


Tonight, I'm doing the bucket-list thing of speed-dating: My work wife hounded Groupon-like sites for a while, and eventually found us a deal. We'll be meeting in San Francisco in the evening, do that thing, and eat at a Senegalese place in the Mission that comes recommended.

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