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For the fanfic readers only
be alert!
I know I'm a great big disappointment to some of you because I don't end up writing your prompts, I know. But. Now I am actually on va-cay-shun and have time, as opposed to a job where I leave the house at 9 and come home at 10, y'know? Plus, the netbook will help. ♥
Give me a - specific and/or detailed, please - prompt (words, sounds, images), and I'll try my luck with a drabble or ficlet.

Fandoms: anything I've seen a good deal of or talk about in this lj is fair game.
You can also just slap a link to an earlier prompt of yours into the comment section. Um.

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Could I have some Sam/Rodney (or Sam n Rodney gen is fine) on a mission together with an alien fountain thrown in there somewhere. ( word: flow) Err hope that's specific enough. Thanks again and no pressure.


This, from Sam, someone who's seen it all? Rodney would roll his eyes and tell her (oh, please) exactly how he could both explain and re-construct this (given time). Except when he turns his head, the look in her eyes is soft, unfocused. Focused not on parts but the whole.

Behind the railing they're leaning against, terraces and gardens are sloping down the mountain: spirals of green and grey. In the precise centre of the valley, all winding paths leading towards it, there's a circular basin.

From it, water is flowing upwards in streams, hundreds and hundreds of metres into the air - almost up to their platform - where each of them bursts into drops. The fine mist is reflecting the sunlight, creating a sky of rainbows. Rodney cannot hear music, but he can see the rhythm of the fountains. One he's not familiar with, that Sam's not familiar with, nor anyone from Earth. But if he strains his mind, he may understand the pattern.

When Sam's eyes catch his, Rodney sees the same curiosity; she's a scientist and engineer. But there is - more. Maybe that too is worth knowing.

So he smiles back at Sam.


::shoulders-wide grin:: oh thank you! this is perfect. Just what I wanted to scratch that rare-ship itch.

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