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aesthetic architecture, amusing people, baby potatoes, bay area, being easily pleased, bleeding-heart liberalism, bonding over poetry, boys who cook, britrock/pop, bureaucratic reform, chai, crushing on fictional characters, education, enlarging my interest list, europe including the eu, famous five food, fancy receptions, fangirling of fanfic writers, feminism, fighter-pilots-not-portrayed-by-tom-cruise, flourless chocolate almond cake, friendly snarking, fringe, front porches, genderfuck, girls who box, grad students, home-made iced tea, intellectual intercourse, international grumpiness society, kalinda sharma, kicking over sandcastles, learning new things, licorice, lost girl, non-fiction, old-skool bon jovi, olivia dunham, procrastination, queer rights, rampaging idiots society, simplifying, sometimes law, southland, storytelling, streetcar named john sheppard, sunshine and also puppies, tatort, tea, telling very dubious jokes, the good wife, the secret history, toni morrison, truth in advertising, unconventional love stories, uniting in legal angst, watching while surfing, we dorkazoid spuffy shippers
1. I have really fabulous hair.
2. According to US law, this blog is not suitable for minors due to occasional adult/explicit content.
3. There is no connection between #1 and #2.

Every kind of criticism regarding my fanwork is welcome – negative, positive, and mixed; shaken or stirred. If you give me advice regarding my life and aren't a close friend, however, I'll beat you to death with a shovel.

You do not need to ask my permission to remix, podfic, translate, archive, create art for or create any secondary fanwork of any fanwork I have posted. It would however be great if anything you produce features a link back to my work and credit to one of my blog names -- and please share the link to your work with me! It will serve two purposes: keep me abreast, and make me really happy. I'd absolutely love to know about it (modified from _rubber_chicken, with thanks).

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